Pulp Friction is the Worlds best Quentin Tarantino live tribute band.

If you have an event, Pulp Friction will bring a unique cocktail of singing, dancing & theatrical performance to any occasion all using the effortless stylised themes from the films of Quentin Tarantino.

From classic soul/funk/blues/country to blatant b-movie & niche soundtracks, Pulp Friction will give you a gun shooting, samurai sword swinging, 5 dollar shake drinking, royale with cheese of a night.


There’s just one thing left...to be cool.


Are you cool???


Whether Its The Coolest Wedding, Hippest Works Doo, A Dusk Till Dawn Bar, A Stylish Casino Or A Fancy Dress Party...Pulp Friction Don't Leave Until The Job (Of Having A Good Time) Is Done Baby!

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